Rising star

“Bebe Holic is an emerging brand that offers trendy baby clothes for boys and girls. It has grown rapidly since its launch last year, particularly with bestsellers such as the baby bodysuit line, which covers sizes from 3 to 24 months.”


“Since its founding in May 2014, Bebe Holic has pursued the ambitious goal of producing the most comfortable and fashionable baby clothes in Korea. The brand name “Bebe Holic” alludes to this ambition, with the suffix '-aholic' indicating a passionate devotion to stylish baby clothing.”

Amazing designs

“Bebe Holic strives to reflect natural, neutral and earthy tones in every collection. The designs often include simple patterns such as circles and rainbows that create timeless highlights. Inspired by travel and current adult fashion trends, although travel is currently restricted due to the pandemic, the lead designer draws inspiration from this diversity. Social media and fashion magazines are used for research purposes and ideas.”