In 2009, the foundation for Gamcha was laid as the beauty of Nepal and its craftsmanship captivated. Gamcha, a small village with an ecological guesthouse before the earthquake, inspired us to bring traditional art to Europe while supporting Nepalese artisans.

The collaboration with Shanti and Nirjala, who started felt production in 2004, enabled us to design products for the European market. Today, more than 125 women create our designs with fair treatment and pay. Gamcha's vision is to offer even more Nepalese women fairly paid jobs and give them independence.

Our collection includes not only felt products but also organic cotton products with illustrative motifs and the softest cashmere products with handmade embroidery from Nepal.

It makes us happy to see how our products find new homes around the world. The birth of the first Gamcha baby boy in 2020 marks another milestone in our journey.

Together we are shaping a better future for the women of Nepal ❤️

• Gamcha Team