Welcome to the Cozy Kidz Shop in Biel

Discover a kid-friendly paradise where creativity and a unique story collide. The Cozy Kidz Shop, formerly a bustling auto electrical workshop, is now a magical realm for children and parents. Discover everything with us, from educational toys to stylish and sustainable children's clothing.

Our history

Our shop in Biel has a fascinating past. Once known as a vehicle repair center, under new management it has been transformed into an inspiring and safe environment for families. We maintain the industrial charm while creating a child-friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

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Our unique range

At the Cozy Kidz Shop we attach great importance to offering products that are fun while promoting children's development and creativity. Discover the latest trends in toys, unique gift ideas and perfect outfits for your little darling. Our selection of handcrafted and eco-friendly children's items are carefully curated to provide quality and style for every family.

Visit us in Biel

Come by and experience the magic of the Cozy Kidz Shop. We are proud to offer a family-friendly shopping experience in Biel. We look forward to welcoming you and your family and creating new, unforgettable memories together.