Cozy Kidz opens its first store: Why we believe in retail

We are bursting with energy and ready to conquer the world! Because we consciously decided to go against the grain and want to set an example with our first Cozy Kidz store. Because we firmly believe that, even in times of digitalization, it is important to have a place where you can not only see products, but also touch and experience them.

Why did we decide to take this step? Quite simply: we want to make a difference. We want to make a statement and show that even in a world full of technology and online shopping, there is still room for a real shopping experience. Because who can resist when you hold the product in your hand and feel the quality?

We are ready to take on all challenges and will make the hearts of our visitors beat faster with our Cozy Kidz Store. So who's coming with us on this exciting journey? Let's conquer the world together!

Grand opening

Visit us:

Control road 8
2503 Biel / Bienne