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Tips for everyday baby life: Written by a specialist, tested as a new mother


Six weeks after birth. The so-called postpartum period is over by definition and your newborn is now officially an infant. It goes through enormous development steps and experiences its world again and again. This can result in regular sleepless nights and great restlessness in everyday life. The days then seem to fly by and there is not enough time for anything. Where have the 24 hours of the day gone? And what tips could make everyday life easier for babies?

Below are a few thoughts and tips from me, on the one hand as a specialist, but also tested as a new mother myself.

New day and night routine

24-hour job or (maternity) leave? When is closing time?

As soon as fathers go back to work, completely new challenges arise, especially in the evening when everyone is tired from the day. The work demands the men, the household and child care the women. When your partner comes home in the evening, don't expect him to be full of energy to take the child from you. Mutual appreciation is now very important and honest, regular exchange is essential.

Discuss baby care, especially in the evening and at night. Do you need support from your partner at night or can you sleep in during the day? Could he consider a lower level of employment? How do you solve it after maternity leave? A shift system can be helpful on intense nights. Or you make islands of time in which you have time for yourself or for courses. Having a baby is always a challenge for a relationship. However, there will also be more relaxed times when you can put your energy back into it.

Are rituals outdated?

On the contrary. Rituals are still recommended in today's specialist literature. Although the newborn's brain is not yet able to understand a fixed daily rhythm, rituals give the child a certain sense of security even at an early age. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What lullaby did you love as a kid?
  • Where is it most convenient for you to breastfeed?
  • Which children's rhymes are still fun for mother and child even after the thousandth time?

Structure in the daily routine can also be a relief for some women. Look for this structure, but only as long as it doesn't block and constrict you. With a baby you will always be forced to be flexible and spontaneous. Try to think of this as an exciting change of pace.

A good day is when you find time to shower. And if not?

Does your child have a sense of timing and won't let you shower in peace? If you love to sing in the shower, it's now officially legal. Your child will not be bothered by the discordant tones, on the contrary, it will notice that you are still there. It's easiest if you put the baby on the bathroom floor. The sound of the water, the warmth and the closeness to you calm it down. It's also fun to take a shower together. In this way, your baby also learns how to deal with water from above. Maybe later you will have a less water-shy child.

wardrobe and fitness

Can you only wear nursing shirts for the next few months?

After pregnancy, many are happy to get their favorite clothes out of the closet again. But many things are not suitable for breastfeeding at all. A belly band from pregnancy is also suitable so that you don't just wear the same nursing T-shirts over and over again. Pull up your favorite shirt and still not be belly-bare. If necessary, a clamp can also help that it does not slip down.

Are your favorite pants too tight?

The pregnancy lasted 9 months. So you can't expect your body to be in top shape right away. However, the rehabilitation courses for the weakened pelvic floor are definitely recommended. Even a few kilos can tumble.

Can't find time at home for the exercises of the rehabilitation courses?

If you have to carry your child around a lot, it is best to tiptoe. Actively activate the pelvic floor again and again and pull the navel towards the spine. If you have to wait a long time for the bus, slowly tap your feet up and down. Many exercises can also be done playfully with the child on a gymnastics mat.

Time to do something good for yourself

Does your child like to lie on the changing table for hours?

Use this satisfaction to do something good for your feet. Place one foot on a nubbed ball and massage your tired heels and balls of your feet in circular motions. Meanwhile, the baby can kick around again without diapers and air can get to the skin. This is the best prevention against redness in the buttocks.

Who has time for foot care?

Even without a child, the feet are usually too short. Keep a cream by the socks and use before putting them on. This keeps the skin soft and you avoid time-consuming callus removal.

Do you have a light sleeper?

A good reason to postpone vacuuming and emptying the dishwasher until later. You finally have time to sort through the thousand baby photos. Even pedicure and scorned dental floss are quiet and necessary. If your child keeps waking up from sleep, you can use a used t-shirt from you to cover or swaddle use. The familiar smell calms your child.

Do you hardly find time to eat and drink enough?

When you are breastfeeding, you need enough energy and fluids to produce enough milk. Deposit delicious snack boxes with nuts, dried fruits and bars at your breastfeeding locations. Buy nice bottles and put them in every room in your home so you drink enough water. Especially when your child is going through growth spurts, they will be more hungry. If you're tired of breastfeeding teas, mix milk-stimulating spices into your food. Fennel, aniseed, cumin and fenugreek seeds are wonderful for tasty oriental dishes or for a roast. If you like beer, then go in search of good non-alcoholic beer. There's more than you think.

lactation dementia and bad mood

Do you suffer from the well-known breastfeeding dementia?

After pregnancy, many women do not improve their memory. During the rapid development of your baby, you will enjoy countless special experiences. And forgotten again. If you can't find time to jot them down in a nice journal, a note in the agenda might help. There will be quieter times when you can write down the experiences more precisely.

Having a bad mood day?

Especially when the child cries a lot and is very demanding on you, your mood can suffer. Fresh air is the best remedy. Just a few steps on the balcony can break the spell in a fit of screams. Or music. It's best to turn on your favorite song and dance around the apartment with the child. Many parents also report the calming effect of the fume hood. This is particularly suitable for undisturbed cooking. A mother also told me that she put her child in the sink while cooking. All in all, her daughter was happiest there.

Towing, carrying and mountains of laundry

Do you have too much to carry?

Especially mothers who carry their child are overloaded with shopping. Have heavy goods delivered to your home. Many grocery stores offer this at a low price. Or have seasonal and regional fruit delivered to you with a vegetable basket subscription.

Do you have a pronounced carrying child?

For many children, being discarded and occupying themselves is only a short-term entertainment and they feel most secure with their mother. It is most exciting for your child when he can see the world as you experience it. However, after a certain weight and for a certain period of time, carrying a child is very tiring. The child is also blocking in some activities. Carrying it on your back is better. It offers much more freedom and relieves the back and pelvic floor.

Do you suddenly have mountains of laundry?

Your little human can mess up your laundry schedule quite a bit. But you don't have to put many things in the washing machine right away. A bit of milk spit or a few drops of urine can be quickly cleaned with a little washing-up liquid. A bile soap is suitable for yellow milky stool stains.


Have you always wanted to play an instrument?

It may not be the right time for serious study. But single tones also have an entertaining effect on the children.

Are you bored while walking?

Create a WhatsApp group of parents with children of the same age. Many are also spontaneous for a few steps and an exchange. Unfortunately, social isolation is a distressing fact for many mothers. If you don't have any like-minded friends in your circle of friends, you will find many people who are interested in the same baby topics, especially in courses. But beware of comparing children, sometimes this makes you more dissatisfied than you were before. Or you can download entertaining audio books to your phone for the walk.

Are you bored while breastfeeding?

When breastfeeding has leveled off, the child hardly needs any support. Many mothers simply enjoy doing nothing or admiring the baby. But it is precisely with a relaxed eater that you spend many hours breastfeeding. For many, this increases cell phone use enormously. If you do not want this for various reasons, an exciting book is just as suitable. You can also read to your child. There's nothing your child likes hearing better than your voice, the content doesn't matter.

Are you generally bored?

It may be difficult for some to understand, but there are always women for whom being a mother becomes too monotonous as the weeks go by. So if you have too much time, try something new. If you love to cook, then this is the right time to rummage through those dusty cookbooks. Or practice baking bread, kneading strengthens the biceps. Which nearby city have you always wanted to explore? Or rearrange your wardrobe and re-sew unworn favorite pieces into baby clothes.

Whether you are one of the stressed or bored mothers, everyday life with a baby is different than before. And sometimes different than expected. Everyday helpers can make life with a baby easier. In the end, it takes imagination, patience and humor to get through the day. Your child's laughter and tremendous progress will be the reward for your effort. The first few months will be perhaps the most strenuous, but also the most intense for everyone. Always try to find time to stop for a moment in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There is always enough time to take a deep breath.

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