Daily Baby Tips: Written by experts, tested as new moms

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Six weeks after birth. The so-called puerperal bed is by definition over and the Newborns becomes officially for the Infant. After She huge Stages of development run through have, become She this World always again new experience. This can to regular sleepless nights and huge fears in yours daily Life lead. Thereafter pass away the days How in the Flight and man has not enough Time, around anything to do. Where are the 24 Hours one day remained? And what tips could make everyday life with a baby easier?

Below are some thoughts and tips from Martina Zwyssig (midwife, Hirslanden Salem-Spital Bern) on the one hand as an expert, but also as a new mother herself .

new Day- and Night routine

New daily and Night routines 24 hour work or (Maternity) leave? When is closing time?

As soon as the Father again employed is, result itself quite new Challenges. Before everything at evening, if all tired from the Day are. From men becomes Work expected, from Women House work and Childcare. If Her partner at evening after home comes, expect She not, that he full of energy is, around Them the Children to decrease. Mutual Appreciation is now very important, honesty and more regular Exchange are the A and O. Discuss She the baby care, particularly at evening and at night. Need She at night the Support Yours partners or can She during the day sleep, could he one lower occupation in Consideration pull? A Shift system helps in hard nights. Alternatively can She one Time island with Time for itself and the course create. A infant to receive is always one Challenge for one Relationship. It gives but also more relaxed times, in those She new energy refuel can.

Are rituals outdated?

On the contrary... Rituals are also used in today 's specialist literature recommended. A newborn 's brain cannot yet understand certain rhythms , but rituals provide a certain feeling of security early on . Imagine following question:

  • What lullaby was your favorite song as a child?
  • Where is the best place to breastfeed?
  • Which children's songs do mothers and children still enjoy a thousand times later ?

Also the structure of everyday life can for some Women calming be. The Be together with one infant forces She in addition, at any time flexible and spontaneous to be. Regard She this as one exciting Variety.

A goods Day is, if She Time for the have a shower find. If not?

Has Her child a Feeling for timing and can not calmed down have a shower? If She gladly under the Shower to sing, is it now officially legal. Her child becomes not through disharmonious tones disturbed. Vice versa find She itself always still there again. At the simplest is it, if She Her infant on the bathroom floor place. The Rush of water, the warmth and the distance to you are calming. Together have a shower might Fun. So learns the infant also the Handling with Water

wardrobe and fitness

Can Nursing shirts only the next Months carried become?

After the pregnancy are many glad, her Favorite clothes again out of dem Wardrobe to have. With it you not always again the same Nursing t-shirt wear, suitable itself also Pregnancy belly bands. If you your Favorite shirt pull up, is your Belly not naked. On Wish can She also impede, that the Brackets slip off.

Are your favorite pants too tight?

The pregnancy took 9 Months. Expect She so not, that Her Body soon in Top form is. A course to rehabilitation of weakened pelvic floor is however absolutely to recommend. A few kilos can also fall off

Can't find time at home to do the postnatal training exercises?

If you have to carry your child , it is best to walk on tiptoes. Actively use your pelvic floor again and again to pull your navel towards your spine . If you have to wait a long time for the bus , gently tap your feet up and down . Many exercises can also be done while playing with your child on the exercise mat .

Time to do something good for yourself

Does your child like to lie on the changing table for hours?

To use She this satisfaction and do She Your feet something Good. Place She a Foot on a small ball and massage She the tired heel and the Ball of the foot in circling movements. In the meantime can itself the infant again without Diapers move and Air can at the skin reach. The is the best prevention against Redness at the Po.

Who has time for foot care?

Even without children, feet are usually neglected . Place the cream near your socks and use it before putting them on . This keeps the skin soft and avoids time-consuming callus removal.

Have She a light Sleep?

Good Reasons, the Vacuuming or the To empty the dishwasher to postpone. Finally do you have Time, your thousands from Baby photos to organize. Even pedicure and despised Dental floss are quiet necessary. If Her child always again out of dem Sleep wakes up, can She it with one used T-shirt cover up or wrap up. familiar smells calm Her Child.

Have She few Time for the Eat and Drink?

If She breastfeeding, need She one sufficient Energy- and Hydration for one proper milk supply. Leave behind She one delicious Snack box with nuts, dried fruits and bars at the feeding place. Buy She one lovely Bottle and place She she in each Room Yours house, around enough Water to drink. Before everything adolescents Children receive Hunger. If She while the lactation tea Fed up have, Mix She Her food with Spices, the the Breast milk stimulate. Fennel, Anise, cumin and Fenugreek seeds suitable itself terrific for savory oriental Dishes and Roast meat. If She Beer like, seek She itself a good non-alcoholic Beer. It gives more as She think.

Breastfeeding dementia and bad mood

Suffer She under the known Breastfeeding dementia? 

The memory many Women improved itself after the pregnancy not. While the rapid Development Yours Babies can She countless special adventures enjoy. And again forget. If She no Time find, this in one beautiful diary to hold on, can agenda note help. If She Her adventures more accurate write down can, become again quiet times come.

Worse Day?

She can itself sick feel, particularly if Her child much cries and She strong charged. Freshness Air is the best Remedy. Make She simply a couple steps on dem Balcony, around to scream and the spell to break. Or Music. At the best switch you your favourite song a and dances with yours child through the Apartment. Many Parents to report also from one calming Effect of deduction. This suitable itself particularly for undisturbed Cook. One Mother told me, she have her child at the Cook in the kitchen sink placed. In total was her Daughter there at the happiest.

Carry, carry, Mountains of laundry

To much Baggage for the Dragging around?

mothers with Children are particularly busy shopping . Have heavy goods delivered to your home . Lots of grocery stores offer this to cheap prices at. Or let She itself with one Vegetable basket subscription seasonal and regional Fruit delivery. Mothers who are carrying their children in particular are overloaded with shopping.

Do you have a pronounced baby carrier?

For Her child is it the Most exciting, if it the World so see can, How She it did have. But away one conscience Weight and one conscience Time becomes it very stressful, a child to carry. The child blocked also at some Activities. It sees better out of, if She it on dem Back carry. It offers much more Freedom and calmed down Back and pelvic floor

Suddenly a heap Laundry?

Your smaller Person can yours Washing schedule mixed up bring ... but many Things must you not even in the washing machine put. One small Crowd Milk spit or a couple drops urine let itself fast with something Dishwashing liquid remove. Gall soap is good at yellow, milky Stool stains


Have you been wanting to play an instrument for a long time?

Wanted to She already always a instrument play? Perhaps is it not at the Time, it serious to take. But separate tones have one funny Effect on Children.

To bore She itself at the Go?

Create She one WhatsApp group for Parents with peers children. Many are also to some steps and Exchange ready. Unfortunately is the social isolation for many mothers one stressful Fact. If it in the circle of friends no like-minded people gives, then gives it straight in courses many People, the itself for the same Baby theme interested. But be She cautious, if She Children compare. The can sometimes to more frustration lead as before. Or She can a funny Audiobook on Her phone download and a Stroll make.

boredom at the Breastfeeding?

As soon as the Breastfeeding recorded is, needs the child few Support. Many mothers enjoy it simply, nothing to do and her Babies to praise. But for hours Breastfeeding is Exactly the right one for relaxed Eat. For many People elevated this her Mobile phone usage considerably. If She this out of different Found not want, is a stimulating Book Exactly the right one for She. Children can it also read. It gives nothing, What Her child more hear want as Her Agree. Contents is doesn't matter.

Are you generally bored?

Some like it difficult understand, but it gives always again Women, those the motherhood in the run the weeks to monotonous becomes. If She to much Time have, try out She something New out of. If She gladly cook, is now the right one Time, the dusty Cookbooks to sift through. Or practice She Baking bread and Knead, around Your biceps to strengthen. One vicinity located City, the She already always explore wanted to? Or arrange She Your Wardrobe around and sew She Her unworn Favorite clothes again in Baby clothes. If She one stressed or bored Mother are, the Life with yours infant is different as earlier. Besides that can it from Your expectations differ. A Everyday helper can the Life with yours infant facilitate. Ultimately needs it Fantasy, patience and Humor, around through the Day to come. The Laugh and the Breakthroughs Yours child become Her Reward for Her efforts be. The first Months are probably the most intense, but also the most intense for all. Find She one Time, around in the hustle and bustle of everyday life to pause. It remains always enough Time, around deep to breathe deeply.

More information By Martina Zwyssig (midwife, Hirslanden Salem Hospital Bern

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