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Arbor Day

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April 5 (Arbor Day)

On Arbor Day, new trees and shrubs are planted across South Korea.

also called “Sikmogil”. Today, however, only unofficially. It was abolished as a public holiday and school vacation in 2005. By then, hundreds of thousands of students had been won over to tree planting campaigns!

The high honor of planting trees arose after the Korean War. Because the forests of Korea had to be reforested after the war. “The idea of ​​Arbor Day in South Korea, Sikmogil was to celebrate forestry and the development of national history. The day of April 5th was chosen because of its historical significance. On April 5th, Silla achieved the unification of the Three Kingdoms of Korea.” Source wikipedia ; translated as "deepL" Yet the day is still celebrated even without holidays.

A short time ago, the President was allowed to be actively involved, "Planting trees nourishes Korea's hopes and the future" was written at the time. Meanwhile, Ms. Park is in custody. But it wasn't just about planting trees — and so, even without Ms. Park, trees are planted on Tree Day in Korea.

Why don't we do that here too ? Go on, get a shovel and plant a little tree or flower and our animals will thank us for it.

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