‎The Hanbok Kids often consists of a ‎ ‎ Jeogori with rainbow sleeves For Seollal, or the Lunar New Year, Koreans wear the Myeongjeol hanbok. ‎ ‎ Traditionally, Koreans show respect to their parents by bowing to them during this celebration. The Dol Hanbok is worn on Dol Day, the day of a child's first birthday.‎
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Korean clothing, Hanbok

As the traditional clothing of Korea, the Hanbok has changed in shape to suit everyday life and the culture of the time. Today's hanboks are reminiscent of those of the Joseon period, but their style continues to change as society changes.

The elegant shape and brightly beautiful colors of Hanboks also have a great influence on the modern fashion industry. There are more and more fashion designers who are creating a kind of modern version of Hanboks.

Features of Hanboks

Hanboks are straight in shape, but when they move, the curves come into their own beautifully. They are narrow at the top and widen towards the bottom, making the straps look graceful and elegant. The fibers are dyed with natural dye. Hanboks for men are usually composed of clothing items such as trousers, jeogori (jacket) and joggi (vest), while hanboks for women consist of jeogori (jacket), sokjeoksam (undershirt), geotchima (skirt), sokbaji (pantalons), etc .

Hanboks today

In modern times, Koreans wear hanboks primarily as formal wear on holidays and other important occasions. Children, for example, wear hanboks for their first birthday, adults for weddings, funerals and other important family events. Although Hanboks are mostly only worn on special occasions, interest in the traditional costume remains very high. In addition to more and more people wearing Hanboks in different styles in everyday life, there are also many people who use Hanbok rentals to experience Korean traditional clothing.

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