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Black Bean

black bean is a popular fashion brand here and in Korea. The collections usually include cute top and bottom sets for kids and matching rompers for babies.

Let's explore this brand a little more.

brand background

Black Bean was founded in 2016 as a children's clothing brand. It started as a wholesale store in Dongdaemun Market, one of the main fashion districts in Seoul.

Since then, it has achieved rapid growth through marketing strategies tailored to market trends. Based on this success, it entered Namdaemun Market (another fashion district in Seoul) in August 2019 and also started selling retail.

Black Bean is now a well-known Korean brand that has long established itself in the children's clothing market.

Black bean style

Black Bean offers a variety of trendy designs with high product quality for infants, children and women.

You can find a variety of styles in their collections and it showcases a design style that appeals to a wide range of customers. There are many designs with an active feel with the harmony of different colors and vibrant colors. And the use of patterns is also diverse.

They often use pale clay color in their design. They've lowered the saturation of the vibrant tone a bit to emphasize softness and cuteness at the same time, and we think it's a color that goes well with baby and children's clothing. Since not only pale tones, but also other colors are widely used, the advantage of Black Bean is that there are different options to choose from according to the tastes of the customer.

As with the combination of different colors, the pattern is also used in a variety of ways. You will see different patterns such as lettering, plaid and floral patterns on Black Bean clothing.


The brand believes in giving back and undertakes several social activities, such as clothing donations abroad.

hit products

Black Bean has had great success with GRL PWR printed sweaters. Black Bean GRL PWR sweater

vibe tea from Black Beans