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May 5 Children's Day (어린이날 )Eorininal

On Children's Day, many parents across the country take their small children to children's parks. This holiday is intended to help families to strengthen the image of society that is still influenced by Confucianism.

April is now coming to an end and marks the beginning of May. In South Korea, May is considered to be one of the most festive months as it has several special days to celebrate. These holidays are also mostly associated with families, making May "Family Month". The first in the series of Korean holidays in May is Children's Day (어린이날 Eoriininal May 5).

Children's Day actually began on May 1, 1922 through the hard work of popular children's book author Bang Jeong-hwan (방정환). His aim for the holiday was to promote love, care and respect for youth as they are the future of the country. In 1946 it was moved to May 5th and officially registered as a public holiday in 1961.

One could say that Children's Day in Korea is viewed in the same way that children's birthday and Christmas Day are expected in other countries. On this day, parents shower their children with gifts ranging from toys to money. Along with the gifts, they also spend time with them by visiting amusement parks, zoos, museums, and other places geared towards children. Various cultural programs are also held in some areas, which are fun for both parents and children. Regardless of how this day is celebrated, one thing is clear - the number one priority during this holiday is the children's happiness, which is why it is one of their favorite holidays.